Jet Lag: 6 tips on how to dispose of the effects

Jet Lag: six tips on how to dispose of the effects.

The jet lag occurs when you travel across different time zones and have difficulty adapting to the new schedule. It is more common after air travel, due to the speed at which time zones are crossed.

To overcome jet lag from return it is essential to prepare from the start: in fact, being able to take flight after at least a couple of nights of restful sleep increases the chances of adapting the body to the new circadian rhythms imposed by the new time zone. In addition, you can implement some simple precautions. Browse the photo gallery to find out how to dispose of effects.

Jet Lag
Does Jet Lag put you to the test? In this photo gallery we give you some advice on how to deal with it. Browse the photos to find out how to fight the symptoms!
Avoid getting enough sleep
Try not to sleep too much before a long trip: leaving with a little tiredness reconciles sleep and allows you to arrive at your destination sufficiently rested.
When you arrive at your destination it is good to have lunch and dinner following the local times, rather than following those of the country of departure. In case of excessive hunger in the first few days, you can snack until you get used to it.
Avoid alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic, carbonated or exciting beverages could contribute to a further alteration of sleep-wake rhythms. Much better to drink water to ensure proper hydration of the body.
Exposing yourself to light
Exposing oneself to light allows the stimulation of circadian rhythms (the main responsible for the sleep-wake alternation). This depends on exposure to sunlight or natural light.
Stick to the routine
Choose a routine and stick to it. This helps to keep engaged and contributes to the regularization of circadian rhythms.
Short rest on arrival
If possible, it is advisable to give yourself 30 minutes of rest on arrival in order to get rid of some of the fatigue of the journey.
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