Drinks that are good for the body and mind

When going through a diet to lose weight, it is necessary to drink a lot in order to fight water retention. There are also other drinks, besides water, that can be taken with the assurance that they are sugar-free and low in calories. It is necessary, depending on the diet you are following, to check with your dietician or nutritionist whether these can be taken. In fact, it is strongly discouraged to follow diets without the advice of an expert who, by verifying the state of health, allergies and even personal tastes, is able to prepare a food plan tailored to the subject.

Grapefruit juice
Drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice helps consume more calories. It also reduces insulin resistance, can therefore protect against the risk of diabetes, and keeps the metabolism functioning at a high rate.
Fermented milk accelerates metabolism and thus fat burning. The protein in Kefir, in fact, contributes to muscle growth by asking the physique to burn more calories
Oolong Tea
Oolong tea increases fat oxidation and reduces fat storage in the body. It provides a greater energy boost and helps the body manage fat intake more intelligently.
Coffee decreases appetite because of its bitter taste. It should not be taken in excess because caffeine may induce other problems in the body.
Water and lemon
Lemon and water is a great way to take water but with a different taste. Lemon also has a mild diuretic effect.
Chamomile stimulates the release of gastric juices, which in turn accelerates digestion while also improving nutrient absorption.
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