Seasonal vegetables: 5 benefits of red beet

Seasonal vegetables: today it is the turn of the red beet.

We are talking about a tuber that is unmistakable for its very special bright red color, so much so that the characteristic pigment of red turnips, betanin, is also greatly exploited by the food industry.

There are many properties of beets and all attributable to the presence of antioxidants, fiber and useful nutrients to support good health.

Red beet is rich in nutrients such as folate and vitamin C and is useful in cases of pregnancy, anemia or hypertension. Browse the photo gallery to discover all the benefits of this food!

Red beet has a depurative and detoxifying action.
Red beet promotes liver health.
Red beet helps improve sports performance.
Red beet, due to the betanin it contains, has an antioxidant action.
Red beet promotes the reduction of blood pressure.
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