The 10 most absurd phobias in the world

Specific fears are irrational and related to objects, situations, activities, animals or people. Some are common, such as fear of spiders or fear of snakes, others are truly absurd.

Fear, stress and anxiety are common emotions in anyone's life. If they occur in everyday contexts, in the presence of harmless objects and situations, and with paralyzing intensity, however, the story changes.

If they are always triggered by the same circumstance, we are probably faced with a phobia.

Here is a list of the most common phobias in the world, from the fear of yellow to that of the beard!

Koumpounophobia - Fear of buttons
Those who suffer from this phobia can not touch these accessories, so they tend to have a wardrobe whose garments are without buttons. Fear can arise just by looking at the buttons. Symptoms of button phobia include disgust, tremors of breathlessness.
Trypophobia - Fear of holes and cavities
This fear affects all kinds of holes: large, small, regular or uneven. For example, a bee's nest or a cheese with holes like Emmental can create fear. Those who suffer from this phobia feel discomfort and disgust in front of the sight of cavities, up to chills and nausea in the most serious cases.
Eisoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors or looking in the mirror
People who suffer from this phobia feel anxiety looking in the mirror. The origin of this fear could be linked to superstition: it is said that breaking a mirror can bring bad luck or that looking in the mirror can put you in contact with a parallel world located beyond the mirror. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces have always been associated with what is strange or bizarre.
Globophobia - Fear of balloons
People who suffer from this problem fear the sound of a balloon explosion, but they also experience discomfort to the touch of a balloon or smelling their characteristic rubber smell. Even just the thought of a balloon or its presence in a film can generate an increase in emotional tension. Well-known TV host Oprah Winfrey said she suffers from this phobia.
Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - Fear of too long words
Excessively long words can cause performance anxiety, due to the difficulty of pronouncing these terms. People, in particular, feel exposed to the risk of being humiliated, in case of error, by the listener.
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Nomophobia - Fear of being disconnected from the web
The term Nomophobia originates from No Mobile. As the scientific name implies, this fear arises when it proves impossible to connect with others. A dead phone or lack of connection can generate a state of anxiety. The nomophobe feels isolated from the world, in a state of loneliness. Symptoms of nomophobia include tachycardia, sweating or even fear of death.
Xanthophobia - Fear of yellow color
Those who suffer from this fear fear fear seeing any object colored yellow, including the sun. In particular, you begin to feel a sense of anxiety and malaise, coming to experience real panic attacks. Perhaps the origin of this fear is linked to superstition: in some cultures yellow is associated with bad luck and mourning.
Phobophobia - Fear of fear itself
Phobophobia is a rare type of fear that can be referred to as the phobia of being afraid, but also as the fear of developing a specific phobia. Phobophobia is related to problems related to anxiety control and panic attacks.
Pogonophobia - Fear of long beards
The fear of beards is linked to traumatic childhood experiences: in many fairy tales, in fact, the bad characters have long beards. Often those who have this terror associate the beard with scruffy, dirty, unhygienic people, but above all with dangerous people.
Ablutophobia - Fear of washing
This phobia can manifest itself as a fear of coming into contact with water, but also with hygiene products such as soap. It seems that children and women are mainly suffering from this phobia. Symptoms of Ablutophobia include repulsion, disgust, anxiety, hyperventilation, tachycardia.
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