Seven tips you should follow when you go for a run

Practicing sports such as running, especially outdoors, is one of the best habits anyone can have. Running is a complete workout, which, however, can always be improved. Buying quality equipment, such as shoes, for example, helps to avoid heavy joint injuries.

There are some good habits when running, which if assimilated and applied in a total and systematic way help to have better results in training.

These are very easy concepts and behaviors that everyone can implement and assimilate, but trust me: getting used to running this way will greatly improve the effectiveness of your training.

Change routes frequently
Varying routes often is very helpful for many reasons. First of all, it helps to have fun, avoiding boredom while running. Also, it is a great workout for the mind, which gets used to reprocessing data more quickly and less predictably this way. In essence, it keeps training interesting.
Changing shoes often
Running in the same pair of shoes for months on end is harmful, as you run the unconscious risk of adopting the wrong postures and ways of running. Your feet and back will thank you, your wallet a little less so.
Also change the "type" of training often
To be physically complete requires not only running, but also other kinds of training. Ideally, body parts and method of training should be varied often. One day it may be a walk, the next day a gym workout, the next day a swim, and so on. Changing the type of running is also useful: going from a slow run to a sudden change of speed (for example, fartlek) is undoubtedly most useful.
Continuously challenged
The best way to train is to constantly challenge your limits. Trying to run a minute longer than yesterday, a mile longer, once more a week will help both body and mind, creating a real attitude in trying to improve day by day.
Music can be crucial
Listening to music while running is a very helpful thing indeed for fatigue tolerance. It helps the mind get distracted and take your mind off the pain in your legs, spleen, chest or even just the cold if you are running in the winter months. There are so many playlists on the web with music dedicated exclusively to runners.
Eating less when not exercising
This comes from a simple inference: the body needs more calories on training days. So, if you take in the same caloric requirements every day, you will create an excess of calories that will not allow weight loss or muscle definition or growth.
Vary the surface often
Ninety percent of runners run on the road, thus on asphalt or sidewalks. It is tremendously useful to vary the surfaces where you train, for example using athletic tracks, grass or even rough terrain. The utility is to get the body's biomechanics used to handling different terrains. The road, being a very hard surface, puts the joints at serious risk during prolonged activity. In addition, running uphill is the best way to train the cardiovascular system in the shortest possible time.
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