All the properties and benefits of lychees

Rising to prominence in recent years as a superfood of youth, lychee is a refreshing fruit of oriental origin, characterized by being juicy and sweet , but with a touch of acid that gives it an irresistible flavor

Lychee is the fruit of a tree native to China but grows in different parts of the world, such as India, Pakistan, Brazil and South Africa
Rich in vitamin C, has antioxidant properties and rich in vitamin B
This is a vitamin that has special importance because it is considered an elixir of youth and becomes an invaluable aid in improving the appearance of the skin
Help against cancer
Lychees contain higher levels of polyphenols than other fruits. This helps improve heart health and is an excellent ally in preventing cancer and diabetes
Anti-inflammatory action, promotes cardiovascular health
Lychee also stimulates the body's defenses and helps fight infection: this is why it is considered a natural antibiotic against colds or flu
Strengthens the scalp and helps strengthen bones
Intake of lychee can make hair visibly stronger and healthier, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss
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