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A happy world: what makes different peoples of the globe live well

Living in a healthy and pristine environment? To feel safe on the streets? Having the opportunity to build a family? Given a choice, we would all like everything, but in real society, unfortunately, this is still not the case. However, each of us has a definite scale of values, which helps us in our life choices.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publishes Better Life Index every year, which defines what is, for each country, the first source of happiness.

We are all different, with different thoughts and emotions, and this is also what life is worth living for. Let's find out together how different countries around the world think.
Satisfaction, that is, feeling happy and fulfilled with the life you have, is the most important thing for most Western cases, such as Italy, the United States, and even about 15 European countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as India, Cuba, and Peru.
Security also depends greatly on the political party in office. Countries that put security first include Honduras, Venezuela, Mongolia, Ivory Coast, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan.
It is said that when there is health there is everything. For many countries this is the first requirement for happiness, e.g., Canada, Jamaica, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Greece, as well as Russia and China.
Unfortunately, very few countries in the world put the environment at the top of their priority list. In this regard, the "only" virtuous ones are Slovenia and Georgia (Europe) and Papua New Guinea (Oceania).
Haiti and Zimbabwe are the only two countries in the world where the priority is to live with a strong sense of community. In the modern world, this is something that, unfortunately, is being lost.
Fortunately, work is slowly coming down the list of priorities in the modern world. The importance of other things is being rediscovered, especially after the pandemic, and that is only good. Moldova, Qatar and Lesotho are the only three countries in the world where having a fulfilling job is the most important thing in life.
Family is also a value that is increasingly fragmenting. Only in Guyana and Sri Lanka this value is still in the first place.
In many Central and South American countries, education is the most important thing to be happy. For example, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia think so. But also in Africa, with Morocco, Egypt, or in Asia, with Pakistan and Indonesia.
Doesn't money make for happiness? In short, one might disagree, but not in many countries is personal wealth put first. For example, in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal. In Europe, the only countries that consider wealth as the cornerstone of happiness are Ukraine and Albania.
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