How to reduce the sense of hunger

How can we reduce our sense of hunger and avoid overeating? There are several tricks that, if applied throughout the day, can help us avoid arriving at lunch and dinner famished

Sometimes very little is needed; let's see together how to reduce the urge to eat during the day and avoid the bloating (and sometimes guilt) that comes with it.

Small tips also useful in the run-up to summer, to arrive prepared for the swimsuit test.

Let's discover them together in this gallery.

How to reduce the sense of hunger
Small tips that when applied daily help reduce the sense of hunger.
Breakfast is a key meal; starting the day off right with a full meal helps our bodies work better.
Eating 2/3 almonds during the morning helps control hunger, perhaps accompanied by a good cup of coffee.
Vegetables before lunch
Eating vegetables before the main course will help you control hunger and make you feel full and satisfied.
Dark chocolate
A small square of dark chocolate helps reducing hunger and satisfy the palate.
Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will make you feel less hungry and help you eliminate impurities of the body.
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