Ten benefits of sauna: you won't be able to live without it anymore

Sauna is one of the most enjoyable habits of all, and it has truly ancient origins. Commonly associated with Finland, it may be even older than we think. The benefits of the sauna are several, some perhaps not as well known as we think.

For example, did you know that the sauna can also improve the action of the immune system? Sure, most people get into it maybe just to relax after the gym or after a day of skiing, but its effects go far beyond that.

In this short article, we will show you 10 benefits of a sauna reported by Esquire.

Sauna is an excellent slimming
The slimming caused by the sauna is not due to sweat, but rather to the increase in heart rate due to the effect of heat.
Purifies the whole body
Here, on the other hand, the effect of copious sweating is felt. Through sweat, in fact, so many substances harmful to the body are eliminated, such as heavy metals usually eliminated by the kidneys.
It is a perfect muscle relaxant
This is one reason why the sauna is perfect after a workout. Through sweating and dilation of blood vessels, lactic acid formation is prevented and microtears in muscle cells are relieved.
Decreases stress and anxiety and helps with sleep
The benefits of the sauna are still psychological, not just physical. In fact, the treatment positively affects stress levels and insomnia. The slow movements imposed by the high temperature thus impose a general relaxation of the body.
Purifies the skin
The skin also benefits enormously from these "heat baths." The heat dilates the pores more than normal, allowing the elimination of dead cells, toxins and anything else that "dirties" the surface of the body. So, it can have very positive effects on those suffering from pimples, acne or blackheads.
Improves circulation
Switching from hot to cold environments (e.g., from a sauna to a cold shower), dilates and constricts blood vessels, and in this way improves circulation throughout the body, and is one of the main and most positive effects of the sauna. Good circulation prevents dangers such as heart attack or stroke, helps to eliminate fat faster, and to transport oxygen more easily to the whole body.
Keeps the body young
Heat helps the body eliminate free radicals, which are responsible for aging. We are not only talking about the appearance of the skin, but also the muscles and joints.
It is a great enjoyment
The last reason to take a nice sauna is that, let's face it, it is wonderful and relaxing, especially after a day in the snow. For many people it will be the first reason, pleasure, but it doesn't hurt to know that while we're enjoying it we're also doing some good, right?
Improves the immune system
High temperatures, especially those in the Finnish sauna, help eliminate infection-causing bacteria. In addition, the sauna helps prevent fevers because it calibrates the body temperature and thermoregulation systems
Promotes proper breathing
Nasal congestion, colds, and rhinitis-the sauna helps relieve all these problems. Some doctors also recommend it to relieve the symptoms of wheezing, although, of course, it does not eliminate the root condition.
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