The foods you absolutely must not eat

One-dish proportions, plenty of vegetables, whole grains, protein and healthy fats, no excesses: these are the general directions offered whenever healthy nutrition is discussed, the same as those suggested by scientific societies and guidelines. 10 foods to avoid and what alternatives to choose, Juices and sugary drinks, Candy and snacks, Fruit-flavored yogurts, Sugary breakfast bars and cereals, Pouched chips and salty snacks, Mayonnaise, ketchup, nuts and seasonings, Ready-made sauces and gravies, Stringy cheeses, Ready-made, breaded, frozen, pre-fried dishes, Carbonated drinks, alcohol and energy drinks

Avoid: fruit juices, fruit-flavored drink syrups or tea.
Consume instead: centrifuges, extracts or 100% fruit juices, you can also find them at the supermarket
Avoid: candy and sweet snacks, packaged sweets and snacks
Instead, consume: fresh or dried fruits, dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa
To avoid: fruit yogurt
Consume instead: natural white yogurt
To avoid: breakfast cereals and bars that look "healthy" but are full of unknown ingredients and abound in sugar
Instead, consume: cereals in versions with little or zero sugar among the ingredients, perhaps whole grain
Avoid: potato chips, bagged popcorn and salty snacks
Instead, consume: homemade popcorn, dried fruit without salt, crunchy raw vegetables
Avoid: sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, seasonings and nuts
Instead, consume: oil flavored with herbs and spices, sauce made with yogurt, vegetable or meat broth
To avoid: ready-made sauces
Consume instead: homemade sauces
To avoid: stringy cheeses
Consume instead: try to limit them to 2-3 servings weekly as a main course
To avoid: ready-made meals, frozen, breaded and pre-fried meals
Consume instead: fresh products
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