Why back pain increases as we get older

Back pain increases with age because the back, just like all other parts of the body, ages and can cause much more discomfort.

Although back pain cannot always be prevented, adopting some tips and healthier lifestyles certainly helps to prevent it or at least reduce it and make it less annoying.

Apart from normal wear and tear due to age, doing physical activity, eating correctly and avoiding overweight are undoubtedly some of the useful tips to follow to avoid that back pain can clearly compromise the quality of life.

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Wear and tear due to age
Back pain can be caused by age-related wear. It is a normal symptom of aging. Nothing can be done about it but some tips help to manage it.
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Back pain related to other diseases
As we get older it is easier to suffer from other diseases, which can also affect back pain. For example, arthritis or osteoporosis.
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Wrong posture
Poor posture greatly affects joint and muscle pain. Sitting and moving in the correct way helps a lot against back pain.
Sedentary lifestyle
A sedentary lifestyle is a good ally for bone and muscle pain. For this reason you should always practice physical activity, also to prevent back pain related to aging.
Check your weight
Nutrition and weight strongly affect the health of our back. Eating well and not accumulating excess weight also prevents and alleviates back pain.
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