Vitamin D, essential and important for the body

What foods contain vitamin D? This is a question I am often asked, but before answering it, let's try to better understand how this vitamin, or rather this hormone, works and why it is so important for our well-being. Vitamins, as well as minerals, represent so-called "micronutrients," which in our bodies form a kind of "spider's web" and contribute to the proper functioning of all organs. Vitamins, in particular, are catalysts and help various parts of the body function better. From an energy point of view, there are more yin vitamins (the water-soluble ones, for example, B and C) and more yang vitamins (the fat-soluble ones, namely A, D, E and K).

Although in small amounts, we can also get vitamin D through food. In particular, we find it in fatty fish such as salmon.
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Fish liver oil
Cod liver oil is renowned for its richness in polyunsaturated fats (particularly omega 3) associated with pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties. It also contains a good proportion of vitamin D.
Egg yolk
Egg yolk is a source of vitamins and minerals, contains all the fat and cholesterol of the whole egg, and about half the protein. The yolk is the second largest dietary source of vitamin D, after fish.
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Mushrooms can be a relevant source of vitamin D. However, not all mushrooms contain the same amount of vitamin D. Notable examples include porcini, morel, ovule, chanterelle, and chanterelle; prataiolo (also called champignon or Portobello) is not negligible but neither is it particularly rich.
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It has been shown that some macroalgae, such as the brown seaweed Sargassum multicum, can also contain high amounts of vitamin D (90 μg/100 g). However, widely consumed macroalgae are not considered a satisfactory source of vitamin D.
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