12/03/2023 12:25

Knee pain when you stand up? These tips may help you

Knee pain, contrary to what one may think, is not a question of age. Of course, advancing years bring a considerable increase in physical aches and pains, but the specific ache in the knee joint affects both young and old. 

The causes can be anything from a simple bump to a decrease in cartilage to tissue inflammation. In addition, the pain is felt more when standing than when resting, sitting or lying down, and the pain is aggravated when standing up. Are there any remedies? 

Obviously, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor if you have chronic pain that affects your life, but in general, some advice can also be helpful. Instrumental examinations can also better clarify the causes of this pain, and may help you in the analysis and treatment phase. In the meantime, read our advice, it certainly won't hurt.